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Inspired by Nature, FAVORICH GROUP, started its core business in Agriculture commodity trading and food manufacturing activity and subsequently diversified into sugars, consultancy, power, automobile, Infrastructure, philanthropic activities and others Business

Starting off with a solitary agro processing mill in Bangalore in the year 1987 the Group has now geographically spread into multi locations, multi products and multi dimensional company with large interest in all agriculture and allied industries.

Favorich pursues its 21st century vision of becoming a global player and leader in agro food processing industry, automobile sector and philanthropic activities making its customers in India and worldwide delighted through its quality products and excellent services.

Going forward, Favorich will synergize all activities in keeping with the global vision of becoming one of top 10 agri and food processing players. In Favorich Family, everyone understands that only flexible companies that adapt to changes and innovations will enjoy continued growth.

FAVORICH GROUP is transforming its dreams and aspirations into reality. We have courage and conviction. We create asset in the form of Leaders at all levels in the organization particularly at the Top Management who will energize the organization with strategic business ideas and create a corporate identity.

Understanding the WHO’s norms in the Food Industry and the importance of providing safe and Hygienic Food for Humanity, we are attempting to deliver successfully the best quality to the Food Processing Industry.

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